My daughter’s Introduction to Google

Oh the wonderful world of  Google. I don’t know what I would do without it, and now my oldest daughter Olivia, is learning the power of Google too. Last night, she asked me why only queen ants can lay eggs. Hmmm. Good question.  To be perfectly honest, I had no idea there was even such a thing as a queen ant. Did you?

Anyway, I had just gotten home from work and was eating dinner when she asked, so I told her we’d do some research when I finished eating. I guess she’s seen me enough times using Google to do my research, because not two minutes later, I saw her on the laptop typing away. A few moments later, she asked me how to spell queen. I asked her why. She told me she was looking up on Google why only queen ants lay eggs.  Wow! Way to go kid. She’s not new at all to the world of computers. In fact, she’s on it all the time playing games on it, everything from Jo Bro mashups to entering the world of Pixie Hollow. However, last night was the first time I saw her put her computer know-how to use when it comes to school. I however, use it all the time to help her with her schoolwork. Since she goes to a Spanish Immersion school, and my husband and I are less than fluent in Spanish, Google Translate is invaluable for us. I now see the internet being an invaluable tool for my kids as well. As wary as I am about what they may find while surfing the internet, as long as the right parental controls are in place, I’m much more excited about what they can learn from using the internet. It’s way more useful and easy to use than the huge collection of Encyclopedia Britannica books I used in second grade.

Oh, and here’s the answer to why only queen ants lay eggs. There’s three categories of ants: queen ants, male ants, and worker ants. Queen ants are the only ones who can reproduce.  Thanks Google, or more specifically bioKIDS from the University of Michigan for answering that question.

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