Bunk Bed Shopping

Gone are the days of shopping for nice adult furniture. No, when you have three kids who are constantly growing, you’re destined to end up in a Mancini’s Sleep World shopping for bunk beds, where a smarmy, bald salesman will try with all his might to sell us a  bunk bed and 2 mattresses for the low low price of $1200.  This shopping excursion included the entire family, and it took maybe about 15 seconds for the girls to start hopping on as many beds as they could. Admittedly, it was kind of cute, but I did feel a bit like one of those neglectful parents who left their children to run amok unattended in a store. Every few minutes either Van or I would corral the girls before they got loose again.

We spent a good 45 minutes checking out the various bunk beds, while the smarmy salesman tried to close the deal. We told him we were going to continue looking, so he sent in the veteran smarmy salesman who kept talking about patented bunk beds and mattress coil sizes. I had to walk away, and not because the kids were running amok again. OK they were, but the dude was really so over the top, I couldn’t handle it. I hate negotiating even when the salesman isn’t creeping me out, and this guy was creeping me out.

The whole reason we ended up at Mancini’s is because Carrie’s still in a crib. She’s almost 3, and still in a crib. She’s also the third kid, so we’re obviously in no hurry to take her out of the cage. She doesn’t try to escape, at least not yet. However, even though she’ll always be our baby, she’s ready for her big girl bed, even if we’re not ready.

So we left Mancini’s today, but I know we’ll be back, and it will probably be tomorrow.

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