Potty Training Adventures

You would think by kid number three, Van & I would be potty training experts, but nope here we are once again making a mad dash to the bathroom every time Carrie yells, “I have to go pee pee!” For those of you don’t like potty talk, stop reading now, because there’s going to be lots of it.

This morning started out great, so great that we put her in big girl Ariel underwear. Almost like clockwork, every hour we heard the screams, “I have to go potty!” Then came the poop. Once again we heard screams, but this time it was, “I pooped in my big girl underwear!” That was followed by loud cries. That accident also meant the end of her wearing anymore big girl underwear, at least for today.

Carrie’s definitely not following in the footsteps of her oldest sister, Olivia. That girl was a poop training rock star. Pee pee training, not so much. That being said, I’d much rather have my kid poop trained. There’s almost nothing worse than having to clean up poopy underwear.  As much as I remember Olivia’s potty training adventures, I have no idea how we did it for Erin. All I know is that our 5-year-old has been potty trained for years, and she hardly ever has an accident.

For all of our kids, we have rewarded their peeing and pooping in the potty with candy. M&M’s to be exact. Some people may call it bribery, but I call it speeding up the process. And we’re talking about one M&M every times she pees, two if she poops. So far, she’s only getting one M&M at a time. Depending on how long her aversion to pooping in the potty lasts, I may up the ante to an entire bag. I just hope she doesn’t eventually game the system. Van and I watched the documentary, “Freakanomics” and the main economist told the story of how his daughter learned to parse out pee so she could maximize her candy consumption. So far, we haven’t run into that problem.

It’s amazing how much a parent will base his or her competency on when their child becomes potty trained. It’s even worse for the first or only child. By now, I realize that in all likelihood, Carrie will not enter high school still wearing diapers.  But for now I’m happy when I hear her screaming, “I went pee pee Mommy! I want my M&M.”



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