Tale of a Super Husband

He doesn’t wear a cape, or leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he has been known to leap over small children. He also cooks, cleans, goes to Costco, Target, and does laundry, all in one day. You say this husband doesn’t exist? I would have agreed with you, but yesterday this Super Husband came to my house, and he looked suspiciously like my real husband.

I was home for all of about two hours yesterday, admittedly doing things that no Super Wife normally does. I also will never admit to being a Super Wife. I spent the morning getting a pedicure, eyebrow wax, gossiping, and reading trashy celebrity magazines with a good friend of mine. This friend does however often show signs of a super wife and mom, even making homemade costumes, but yesterday I switched her to the other side. After our trip to the spa, we went to lunch, drank bloody mary’s, and went shopping. During this time, the Super Husband ventured to what many may call the evil world of Costco with all three kids in tow. He also cleaned up the house, started laundry, and when I walked into the house all relaxed, he was in the midst of making homemade pizza. My trip home was short, because I worked a rare Sunday night shift at the TV station. The Jewish guilt in me crept in before I left, so I did give the kids a quick bath.

This is not to completely brag about my husband, although his efforts yesterday really did go above and beyond the call of husband duty. I just realized that I’m often really quick to complain and nag, and rarely give him the due props he deserves so this is an open ‘atta boy blog to my husband. He did not pay me to write this, although I do take bribes. He doesn’t even know I am writing this, and knowing him for 15+ years, he’s probably not going to be too happy about seeing this in black and white for the world to see. Sorry babe. A wife’s gotta do, what this wife doesn’t often do, which is to say thanks. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll piss me off soon enough, and I’ll probably write about that too.

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