Things I Should Do, but Don’t

I’m anal about a lot of things, but flossing my teeth is not one of them. It never will be, even after the lectures I get every time I visit the dentist. Today, I got another one of those lectures. I tend to only floss when there’s something stuck in my teeth, or it’s the day of my dentist appointment. It didn’t help getting this tongue lashing while my youngest kid, whom I lecture all the time, was sitting on my lap. She sat there the entire time not saying a word, just watching “Garfield” on TV, but she had this evil smirk on her face, so I know she was thinking this was a great form of payback.

I HATE the dentist. I know millions of other people do too, but I REALLY hate it. I dread everything about it, from the phone call reminders I get at work, to the antiseptic smell of every dentist office, to having random people I barely know sticking their hands in my mouth with sharp objects. It’s all awful. I usually put it off as long as possible, rescheduling several times. After the latest phone call reminder yesterday, I couldn’t delay any more, so I begrudgingly went on one of my days off work, with my toddler in tow. I’ve never brought my kids with me to the dentist before, for fear of becoming one of those annoying mothers who bring their bratty kids to places they really don’t belong. I’ve been away from home quite a bit this week, so I felt guilty about taking her to daycare, so I took the risk of  becoming “that mom.” Carrie really is a pretty good kid, and this morning she lived up to that description, thank God. She sat in my lap, snickered when the dental hygienist put on my bib, and laid her head on my chest when the chair was reclined. She seemed to be quite comfy, and didn’t squirm too much the entire time my teeth got picked, scraped, cleaned, and of course flossed.  I probably did plenty of squirming for her.

At the end of this awful ordeal, Carrie got a well deserved toy. I did not. The hygienist just gave me a bag with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and of course, dental floss. I didn’t have any cavities though, so at least I have another six months (or longer), before I have to sit in a dentist chair again. As good as Carrie was, I think I’ll try and make it a kid-free outing. I really don’t need anyone else to hear me getting a lecture, even if it will fall on deaf ears.




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