BFF’s…. at Least for Now

Like most sisters, my girls have moments when they’re best of friends. Yesterday, was one such moment. The two older girls decided they wanted to dress exactly alike, and have their hair braided in the exact same way. Pretty cute right?

They also played really well, which is saying a lot, since we’ve been having Midwest style storms here in the Bay Area the last few days, forcing them to hang out inside. Notice I didn’t put up any pictures of  them actually playing, because our house looks like a tornado hit it. I know, you’re probably wondering, “What about the youngest munchkin?” Well, lucky for us, she’s an independent creature, so I only had to yell at the older girls, “Don’t leave Carrie out!” about a dozen times.

I also know I need to document these moments of cuteness as much as possible, because I hear Erin yelling at Olivia, “You’re not the boss of me,” way too often.  I know the love/hate relationship is all part of having siblings. I’ve got two brothers, and growing up, it was either World War III or living in perfect harmony, at any given moment. I now have much greater respect for my parents.

So the next time the older girls are at each other throats, or even worse, once they hit their terrible ‘tween and teen years, I’m going to bring out these pictures, and remind them that they really do love each other. Really they do.

And lest I leave out the third kid, here’s a gratuitous picture of her playing in the rain.

Hey, everyone was getting cabin fever, so a little water won’t hurt anyone, especially if you’re properly dressed in a kitty cat rain coat and ducky boots.

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