Chatting with the Meaks

I don’t know if Van and I are listening to too much NPR , or maybe the girls found the Saturday Night Live skits featuring the “Delicious Dish” ladies while looking for other inappropriate things on the internet, but today they came up with their own show. The name? “Chatting With the Meaks.” As a completely biased parent, I found this nearly as cute as a baby on YouTube looking terrified, but laughing hysterically at his mom sneezing. If you haven’t seen it, click on this “>link. It is hilarious!

I didn’t think to videotape the girls channeling Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, but I was also driving in a heavy downpour when they thought it up. Of course, once I mentioned to the girls it would be cute to record, they clammed up. Oh well. It’s just one of several things they found to entertain themselves today. The younger two also decided to provide me with a lunchtime concert of Ke$ha’s song, Tik Tok, using their plastic microphone to belt out the lyrics. Once again, highly inappropriate for an almost 3 and 5 year-old to sing, but also highly amusing for this 30-something mom. I giggle like that YouTube baby every time I hear Carrie sing this line, “Wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy…” She doesn’t really know what the song is about just yet, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

As much as I would sometimes like to shelter the kids from all the things they see on TV, the computer, or hear on the radio, I know it’s not realistic. Actually, scratch that, I don’t want to shelter them from those things. I think it makes them more interesting kids, and will hopefully, help them become interesting and well rounded adults. I mean how much more interesting can you get when you act like an NPR personality and a questionable pop star all in one day? It sounds like a person who’s perfect for hosting a show called, “Chatting with the Meaks.”

4 thoughts on “Chatting with the Meaks

  1. I’m with you Meak!! Sheltering would never work and who wants to try! Being exposed to more things is better in the long run! Even if it means a little Ke$ha- or Cee Lo Green at my house. Hahahaha

  2. Hannah and Grace could do a documentary on “Chatting with the Meaks”. They’re big on using the video function on their cameras, and Hannah’s starting to use Microsoft Movie Maker…

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