Weekend Guest

We’ve got a weekend guest, and one of my kids couldn’t be happier. He’s not your ordinary guest, and that’s what makes it such a treat for my daughter, Erin. The guest is about 12 inches high, is blue all over, lacks a mouth, and wears a yarmulke and tallis.

Meet Bear Mitzvah.

He’s pretty cute, even without the mouth. Bear Mitzvah is with us this weekend because every kid in Erin’s preschool class gets to take him home when they’re the friend of the week. Yep, that means Erin has the honor of being friend of the week. This is a big deal for her, a VERY BIG DEAL! As I write this, Erin’s making sure Bear Mitzvah feels right at home. She set up a Groovy Girls tent for Bear Mitzvah, and is decorating the space around it, but she won’t let me take a picture until she’s all finished.

This is not the first time Bear Mitzvah spent the weekend with us. He was with us about 3 years ago, when Olivia was in preschool. I know exactly what we did with the blue bear during his visit back then because it’s all documented in a journal, which goes wherever Bear Mitzvah goes. Actually, it’s a couple of journals, but you get the idea.

Now here’s the part where I give a shout out and sing the praises of my kids’ preschool. It, or I should say the teachers and preschool director rock. We’ve spent an untold amount of time and money at the preschool, (well I could calculate it, but then it wouldn’t make me a delusional parent) and the Bear Mitzvah tradition is just one of the many things that make it all worth it. I know a version of Bear Mitzvah happens at other preschools, but other preschools don’t have Teacher Natalya, Teacher Lauri, or Teacher Ann. The three of them couldn’t be more different, but the love and compassion they show for my kids and everyone else’s is making me tear up as I write this. They truly have the kids best interests at heart, and handle all of their quirky and cute personalities with tons more patience than I ever could.

But back to our guest, Bear Mitzvah. Don’t worry about him. He’s in very good hands.

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