Happy 8th Birthday Olivia

An open letter to my Birthday Girl:

Happy Birthday Olivia! You’re 8 today, which I really am having a hard time comprehending. How can it be that it’s been eight years since you came into this world? In these eight years,  you’ve made me smile, you’ve made me laugh, and you’re constantly amazing me with your smarts. You really are one smart cookie. I probably don’t tell that to you enough, but you make me so proud. That doesn’t mean that you don’t also make me crazy, and do things that make me yell loud enough to scare the neighbors, but lucky for me that doesn’t happen too often.

You are also a great big sister. You do everything from helping them get their breakfast, to helping them get dressed, to even reading to them. You also have a knack for bossing them around, but I guess that goes with the territory of being a big sister.

At eight, you’re really starting to come into your own, and becoming your own person. You take a huge interest in any sort of arts and crafts. Unfortunately, your Mom didn’t inherit the crafty gene from Bubbe. In fact, as I write this, your Dad is sitting at the kitchen table helping to show you how to knit a yarn butterfly. The box says it’s good for kids 8 and older, but apparently it’s  not good for a 30-something mom with no crafting ability. I tried, and failed miserably, so I passed it onto your dad. He’s having much better luck. We’ll take a photo of the finished product, and see if it looks anything like the picture on the box.

This birthday also marks a major milestone for you, and everyone else in our family. Tonight, we’re hosting your first slumber party for you and eight of your friends. You’re beyond excited. Me and your Dad? Well, to be quite honest, we’re just hoping to get through it unscathed.

I think this is going to be a fantastic year for you. I’ve already seen the immense amount of compassion and kindness you show to others. I just hope that continues as you enter your ‘tween years.

Oh, and even though I’m the one to write this, I know your Dad feels the same way.

Happy Birthday Kiddo! We love you very much!



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