Slumber Party Observations

All I can say after the much anticipated slumber party is this: We survived, and despite all my reservations it went much better than expected. I’d even venture to say I had fun, but not nearly as much fun as the girls. For many of them it was their first slumber party, but based on their comments, probably not their last.


The Morning After



Here are some of my observations in chronological order:

1. The day of the party is the LONGEST. DAY. EVER. I can’t tell you how many times I heard these questions, “How much longer until the party starts?” “What time is it?” “How many more minutes until my friends come over?” And these questions came from all three kids, not just the birthday girl.

2. 7 & 8 year old girls make a lot of fart jokes. I don’t have that much experience with boys, but man, these girls like talking and joking about anything and everything gassy.

3. The girls may talk as much about farts as boys, but I don’t think they eat nearly as much. We still have plenty of leftovers.

4. A homemade birthday cake is much tastier than box mix/canister cream cheese frosting red velvet cupcakes.

5. The decibel level of 9 screaming girls has to be nearly as loud as a rock concert. My ears are still ringing.

6. Friendship bracelet making never gets old.

7. A Disney Channel movie will always be preferred over just about any movie found on Netflix, even if the movie is “16 Wishes”, which all the girls have seen many, many times.

8. There’s likely to be tears by at least one kid, two in our case.

9. No matter if kids usually go to bed at 8 p.m., if you get a group of them together, they’re all going to stay up ’til at least midnight.

10. A late night does not mean a late morning.

11. Armpit farting. Comic genius.  Especially when a celebrity does it on Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards.

12. Waffles and a bowl of bacon will always be well received.






13. My daughter’s friends are really sweet kids.

14. Olivia and her friends didn’t make her little sisters feel left out. In fact, they went out of their way to make them feel included. Nice job girls.

15. Pulling off a successful slumber party requires parental teamwork.

16. The morning after feels like a hangover, and it may take at least a year to recover.


3 thoughts on “Slumber Party Observations

  1. Katelyn had one for 7th bday. I think I got to sleep for about 2 hrs – total. Hope your recovery time is quick 🙂

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