Confessions of a Curly Haired Momma

I have curly hair, not the cute wavy curls that cascade down my shoulders. No, I’ve got crazy curly, as in tight ringlets that tend to grow out, not down. It’s not pretty people, it’s really not pretty.

The Frizzy Curly

For the most part, I live with what God gave me. I’m not happy about it, but with three kids, I don’t have time to spend untold hours straightening the mass of curls. I usually leave the house with wet hair, and fingers crossed that it doesn’t look too out of control by the end of the day. It’s either that or I slick it back into a wet ponytail.

Today however, was a rare day. After dropping off the younger kids at preschool, I found myself with a couple of extra hours with nothing planned, so I scheduled myself a do-it-yourself blowout. Now my blowouts are not nearly as good as my talented stylist. What she does with my hair is the work of a hair genius. She somehow turns my curly frizzy hair into a sleek, shiny, straight ‘do. I go as long as possible without having any water touch my now straight and beautiful locks. I’ve been known to go just about a week, ignoring the comments from Van, as he suspiciously asks if I’ve showered. Shower yes. Hair washing, no. Without fail, I get shocked looks of amazement and commentary every time I get the professional styling. I compare it to someone who has gone through a massive weight loss. When I get the straight hair praise from people, I often wonder how bad they really think I look going au natural.

While this hair obsession may make me vain, clearly I’m not all that vain because I took before and after pictures as my hair was undergoing the time-consuming transformation. These make-up free photos not only show my crazy hair, but also my double chin and ever increasing wrinkles.

The wet hair, I’ll admit is not too bad. The wetness keeps the sheer mass within reason.

But check out this monstrosity! My hair is so big I can’t get it to fit in the fame of the picture. Now it usually only looks like this as I’m starting to go through the straightening process, but I hope I’ll get some sympathy from this picture. I have a lot of hair, and it does not like to be tamed. EVER. It takes an obscene amount of product, blow drying, and flat ironing to make it remotely straight.

See, doesn’t it look cute? It’s not nearly as good as when my über stylist does it, but it does make me feel pretty, oh so pretty. Don’t worry, I won’t break out into the entire “West Side Story” song.


While I very rarely take the time to straighten my hair, (well as straight as I can get it) it does make me appreciate the few hours I get to myself.  I think this is time well spent, don’t you?

Van however, he likes the curls. So does a co-worker/friend who is always so complimentary of  them. I will admit, the curls kind of go with my personality. I’m a bit crazy, sometimes hard to tame, and you can never predict how I’ll be in the morning, just like my hair.

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