I Want to Ride My Bicycle

When I was a kid the question, “Wanna go ride bikes,” would always be directed to neighborhood kids, not my parents. In fact, I’m pretty sure my Mom never owned a bike. My Dad did, but I really never wanted to encourage him to sport bike shorts.

We of course live in different times now, and my kids’ idea of riding bikes always includes me and Van. So this morning we embarked on what has turned into a fairly common Sunday activity: the family bike ride. We are quite a sight and get a fair amount of stares, smiles, and chuckles from passing drivers. Van’s usually in front, with Carrie riding in a seat behind him. Olivia follows him on her 6-speed bike. Erin’s on her little pink Schwinn hand-me-down training wheel bike, and I bring up the rear.

We have a couple of different routes, but this morning we hit the “neighborhood route,” which allows us to make a pit stop at the park. It’s not a long distance, but last year I clearly remember Erin whining almost the entire time. This year, there was only one, “I’m tired. When are we going to get home?” I consider that major progress, and a tell-tale sign we may soon be trying to remove the training wheels. Since I usually ride behind Erin, I get to watch her as she bops her head side to side while she’s ringing her bell. It’s ridiculously cute.

Olivia’s  gone from being fairly cautious on her bike, to exhibiting an impressive amount of confidence. She keeps up really well with Van, and the two of them often head out for longer Daddy/Daughter rides.

Water break during Daddy/Daughter ride

Carrie loves riding in the bike seat, and I can often times hear her giggling. She also likes to whack Van in the back and butt. The other two girls also sat in that seat, and I remember them doing the same thing.

Today’s bike ride came one day after a longer ride to a birthday party, and man my butt can only handle so much time sitting on a bike seat. If we will continue these bike rides, which I’m all for, I will have to invest in tushy cushion.  I thought I had plenty of padding on my own, but apparently not. The sore heinie however, is a small price to pay for these memorable rides. I know it’s only a matter of time before they would rather ride their bikes with anyone but Mom & Dad.

One thought on “I Want to Ride My Bicycle

  1. Your first line is so true. Banana seat bikes ruled too. But no way is my kid riding bikes without me and a helmet. Times have changed kiddo. Suck it.

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