Are We There Yet?

It’s the middle of April, and I’m getting ready to pack up the family to go skiing for Spring Break. I can guarantee you that if I lived anywhere other than Northern California, I’d try to get as far away from the snow as possible. But no, now we’re heading right into it, and hoping the forecast for rain this weekend in Tahoe is wrong. I want snow damn it, and a lot of it!

This is crazy thinking for the Minnesota girl in me. By April, just about every Minnesotan I know is so over the snow and cold, and all the annoyances that go along with it. The last thing they want to see is snow, and by no means voluntarily drive 5+ hours with three kids 8 and under to go frolic in the white stuff.

And my girls are excited….. beyond excited. Me, I’m cranky, really cranky, have been all day long.  Getting myself ready for a vacation is easy. The kids, oy, the kids, they’re a pain. Their excitement is cute, but making sure we have everything we need is a chore, a chore I don’t enjoy.

So far, a good chunk of my family room is filled with bags to take on the trip. This isn’t even all of the bags, and we’re only going for a long weekend!

Just looking at this photo makes me cranky. I know it shouldn’t. I should be just as excited as the girls, but I always get stressed out, annoyed, and anxious before any family vacation.

I’m sure once we hit the road tomorrow morning I’ll be fine, but tonight I have not been fun to be around. I’ve yelled and screamed and brought more than one of my kids to tears. Hell, my yelling and screaming almost brought me to tears. I’m much calmer now, (thanks to an adult beverage) and am now gearing up for what I’m sure will be a great weekend for us and two other families.

I mean what more can you ask for, a weekend filled with kid friendly activities, and hanging out with good friends who like adult beverages as much as me and Van. That’s what I’m looking forward to, as well as watching the girls hit the slopes. It will be quite the Meak family adventure, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing all about it soon enough.

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