Love Hate Love’s World Premiere at Tribeca

The day my friends Dana Nachman and Don Hardy worked for years to become a reality finally arrived. Their documentary film, Love Hate Love, just had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. This is a huge deal for independent filmmakers. Proud doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this great accomplishment for these two amazing people.I feel immensely privileged that I had the chance to be there as they received the recognition and acclaim they deserve for this powerful and important documentary.

Dana & Don in Front of the Camera

This was the first time I have ever been to a movie premiere, and it is just like you see on tv. There’s a red carpet. There are lots of press. And the cast and crew really got the proverbial red carpet treatment.

Ben Tullipan
Esther Hyman
Musician Joe Rosato

This premiere even included a celebrity. As Executive Producer, Sean Penn also walked the red carpet to support the film.

Sean Penn Showing Support for Love Hate Love

I’ve seen Love Hate Love at least four times, but to see it on the big screen in a sold out theater that holds a thousand people was a little surreal. I’ve seen the changes Dana and Don made to the film, as well as heard their frustrations and helped celebrate their successes. It appeared the audience appreciated all of their hard work, and felt a real connection to the stories of Liz and Steve Alderman, Esther Hyman, and Ben Tullipan. After the film, there was a question and answer session with the cast and crew.

Question & Answer Session

Hardly anyone left the theater, and there were more hands raised than time available to answer every question. I take that as a good sign. I’ve said before how much I like and respect Dana and Don. I’m not the only one, and during the Q&A when asked why Sean Penn got involved with them he said, “I don’t like people, but I like Dana and Don.” That really speaks volumes about their character.

It seems fitting that Dana and Don would find people who have similar character qualities to feature in their documentary. I had the honor and privilege to meet them. Yes, what they’re doing to improve the lives of others is amazing and admirable. But beyond that, they’re good people with great hearts. I hope their exposure from their participation in Love Hate Love gives their respective organizations the attention they all deserve.

Love Hate Love also deserves to be seen by not just the thousand people in the film festival audience. Millions of people should see this inspirational film. Now that the world premiere is over, the next step is to get a distributor to buy the rights to the film. I have no doubt that will happen, and I can’t wait to write a blog about it when Dana and Don reach that milestone.

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