You Know You’re Depriving Your 3rd Kid When……

On a day when the mercury soared near 90 degrees, I was hard pressed to find a pair of shorts for Carrie. How awful is that?  Today, I kept frantically rummaging through her drawer thinking I was overlooking the shorts, but the only thing I could find for Carrie was a hot pink number. Of course she insisted on wearing a hot pink shirt to go with it. I wish I would have taken a picture, but nope, I didn’t even mark my parenting misstep with a photo.

That never happened with the other two girls. I know their closets were well stocked with plenty of shorts in all sorts of colors and styles. Now I admit, most of Carrie’s clothes are hand me downs with the exception of her generous grandparents and aunt who send new things, or fill their suitcases with toddler clothes when they come to visit. I tend to shop for her “new” clothes by walking into our garage and grabbing a plastic bin that matches her size. Apparently I’m missing the bin marked 3T summer clothes.

I remember when I was pregnant with Carrie, people kept telling me that the third kid would lose out on things the older kids got. I would always pooh-pooh that idea, but those people knew something that I’m only now coming to realize. The more kids you have, the more you’re going to forget to do something for that youngest one. Today it was making sure she had shorts. Tomorrow I’m sure it will be something else. There is one thing however, that I’ll never deprive her of, and that’s my love.  I may flake out on the little things like, um clothing, but I won’t do that when it comes to the big things.

Now I guess I better make a return trip to the garage, and look for the missing bin, or better yet, head to my real favorite store, Target, and buy her some brand spankin’ new summer threads.

2 thoughts on “You Know You’re Depriving Your 3rd Kid When……

  1. Sweet post 🙂 That’s one of the things I worry about when I contemplate having a third. I already feel like I deprive Sam (1 years old) of a lot since he came so close to Jane (2 years old) and Jane got her mommy-and-me baby time cut short, too. Wonder what would happen to the poor third child if we decided to go for it. And the mommy guilt continues . . .

    1. Thanks Outlaw Mom!
      I’m quite certain I was way more traumatized than Carrie was over her lack of clothing choices.
      I’m also certain there’s never going to be enough time to give to all the girls, but they all seem to be adapting ok…. At least for now.

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