This Mom’s Lunch

I know I’m never going to be the size 2 or 4 I was before I had kids, but I still dream about it, and still complain about the baby weight I’m still carrying three years after Carrie came into this world.  I know however, that I have no reason to complain when I’m shoveling huge spoonfuls of the left-over day-glow orange mac ‘n’ cheese into my mouth.

I didn’t even have the decency to put it in a bowl. Nope, I ate it right out of the pan. I don’t know what’s worse, eating out of the pan, or finishing up the cold coagulated leftovers from my kids’ plates, which I’ve also done more times than I can count.

Yesterday however, my lunch consisted of about 5 gargantuan spoonfuls of said mac ‘n’ cheese, and a couple of banana slices, which I washed down with a diet coke. Lunch of champions right? I know why I do it. It’s easier than actually making something for myself, and it brings back memories of my own childhood lunches, although I know it tasted much better as a kid.  I also know that I’m not alone and millions of other moms also eat this same type of lunch for the same reasons.

Still others are probably judging me and asking, why does she even make that crap for her kids? Well, I’ve never said I’m the perfect parent. I’m not even close, but I don’t believe letting them have mac ‘n’ cheese every so often is all that awful. They usually get some fruit to go with the day-glow pasta, and if I’m eating a good amount of it, they’re definitely not overindulging.

I’m done though. I felt guilty and horrible while eating, and was starving a few hours later. As tempting as it will be to indulge in this classic kid food the next time I give in to my kids’ demands for it (which will probably be tomorrow), I’m going to pass. It likely won’t bring me back to a size 4, but it will make me feel better, and maybe, just maybe allow me to get away with complaining.

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