A Perfect Mother’s Day

What makes a perfect Mother’s Day? Well I can’t speak for any other mother, but here’s what made it perfect for me, in no particular order.

1. The sound of little feet running into our room, not to wake us up, but to head straight into the office to work on Mother’s Day arts and crafts projects (Which I did not have to help or oversee).

2. A one-of-a-kind Happy Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Morning Message

3. Handmade bookmarks, cards and a store-bought card that sings.

4. A spa gift certificate (especially handy with an annoying and painful sore neck).

5. Homemade waffles (and whip cream) made by one great husband.

6. Switching up the original plan of a family bike ride for a family hike due to fair weather bike riders.

Edgewood Park Mother's Day Hike

7.  Not repeating last week’s episode of  Modern Family, where Claire and Gloria go on a hike with the kids, and all they hear is whining. Well, there was some whining on our hike too, but I’m not sure if I just ignored most of it, or if they really did keep it to a minimum.

8. Not getting lost on said hike.

9. Clothes shopping with the older girls, and actually enjoying it.

10. Some quiet time for reading a good book.

11. A simple but delicious meal of grilled seafood, grilled asparagus, potatoes, and brownies.

12. Each girl eating two asparagus spears (even if it took brownie bribery for the asparagus to disappear).

13. 3 healthy, happy, and always entertaining girls whom I love more than they’ll ever know.

14. An amazing partner in crime who makes this all possible.

15. The best Mom in the world who leads by example.

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