Running is Exhausting!

It’s hard to believe that I ran a half-marathon less than a year ago because I’m feeling oh so out of shape right now. My legs are still a little sore two days after a fairly short mother’s day hike, which means I really have to step up the exercise routine. So today, I dusted off the jogging stroller, strapped in Carrie, and took off for a jog. I barely made it a block before I remembered why I usually run without pushing a jogging stroller. It’s hard work! Really hard work!

I didn’t give up though, and continued pushing the twenty-something pound 3-year old in the jogger for  just about the entire 3 mile loop I usually do around my neighborhood. It’s a route I run all the time, and I can usually finish it in under 30 minutes. Not today, though. Not even close. I lumbered through this run, feeling every step, and every breath. It didn’t help having Carrie yell, “run faster Mommy, run faster Mommy!” Easy for her to say.

Apparently, this run didn’t only kick my butt. It also wore out the munchkin.

Carrie Crashed Out

Who knew sitting in a comfortable jogging stroller could be just as exhausting as actually jogging? I have plans to do this run again tomorrow, with one 2o-something pound exception.

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