Some Things Are Better Left for My Husband

I’m not a tech person. I really don’t care how I get my cable, internet and phone working, I just care that I get it, and that it works properly. My husband on the other hand, he wants details, lots of details. That’s why I usually leave it to him when it comes to ordering our service. Unfortunately Comcast didn’t buy out his law firm, allowing him to get deeply discounted cable, phone, and internet service. Comcast bought my company, NBC, giving that perk to me, which means I have to make the calls and order all the stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love having this perk. It’s great. I just don’t want to have to deal with the set up and installation. But alas I did, and today the Cable Guy is here at our home, running copious amounts of cable.

He arrived when I was dropping off the girls at school and preschool, so Van took over, thank goodness. While at preschool, I got a call from him asking me specifically what I ordered. I told him, phone, internet, and cable, with a DVR. I remembered the DVR. Van is a details man though, and he wanted details. I don’t do details, especially when it comes to this. He was throwing out words and phrases like router, modem, and drilling for cable wires. Huh?  My brain isn’t wired for these kind of specifics. I know Van was shaking his head at home, wishing he would have been able to handle this.

Right now he’s talking to the Cable Guy discussing all things internet. Once again, I can be no help. This is when it’s a good thing that Van and I are so different. A very good thing. He’s laid back and analytical, whereas I’m a pretty shoot-from-the-hip type of gal. If it was all left to me, who knows what type of products we’d end up getting, although I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be Comcastic.

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