Are Those Wrinkles?

“Are those wrinkles?” I ask that question all the time as I scrutinize every new line that forms on my face. I expect that question from myself but not from my five-year-old. However, last night Erin walked out of the bath holding up her hands with a very concerned look on her face, and asked “Mom, what’s on my hands? Are those wrinkles?”

It took all my willpower to keep a straight face as I tried to explain to her that no, those aren’t wrinkles, they’re just prune hands. The previous homeowners had the brilliant idea of installing hand-held shower heads, which means the kids hardly ever take baths and rarely get fingers that look like raisins. The shower heads are amazing, requiring us to simply hose down the kids once we scrub them. But for the last week, the girls have been on a bath kick, so now Erin’s getting her prune hands.

The inquisitive and observant kid that she is, she wasn’t satisfied with that answer. She accurately noted that the lines on her fingers looked suspiciously similar to the lines on my face. Erin then proceeded to point out each and every one.

Picture of a Wrinkly Mom

It looks like a flock of crows have landed on my face, and left their feet all along the side of my eyes. This is what happens to the fair-skinned freckled face of a 38-year old mom of three. This picture also shows I’m due for some eyebrow tweezing too, but I digress.

I then had to explain to Erin that the lines on her fingers will disappear, but mine unfortunately are here to stay. Erin thought about that, and once again challenged my answer by furrowing her brow, and showing me the lines on her face matched her fingers.

I told you she was smart. At that point, I didn’t even try to hold in my laughter. I also grabbed my phone and snapped some pictures as she showed off her wrinkly hands and face. We then walked into the bathroom and watched as her wrinkles disappeared on both her face and hands. Now if only it was that easy for me for my wrinkles to disappear, without the magic of Botox.

3 thoughts on “Are Those Wrinkles?

  1. Seriously? I don’t see any wrinkles on you, Liza. But it IS true, you can’t get away with anything with Erin. Just watch, she’s going to grow up to be a lawyer.

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