The Craft Room Exploded!

As someone who hates any and all crafting, I leave it to the kids to take over the office/craft room and I usually close the door and ignore the mess. Today, however I was forced to enter the crafting zone when all three of the kids had some sort of green dye on either their skin, clothes, or both.

I was nowhere near prepared for what I was about to see when I opened the door.

The Crafting Room Puked

The room was so bad, I took this picture only after I threw out what only can be described as green dyed shaving cream staining just about anything it touched.

To say I was a bit ticked off at the main mess maker would be like saying Maria Shriver was a little annoyed at Arnold when she found out he fathered a child with their housekeeper, and kept it a secret for more than a decade. As soon as I saw the mess I hollered for the main mess maker, AKA Olivia, to get her butt upstairs. I yelled, and I threatened to permanently close up the crafting room to all the little people in our house unless it got cleaned pronto. Olivia knew I was serious. Truth be told, I’d be more than happy to rid my house of beads, yarn, glue, paint, markers, and stickers. But that little son of a gun got busy and got cleaning.

Scrubbing Away

Olivia to her credit, scrubbed, cleaned, organized and frankly transformed the room way better than I would have. Either I’m really good at threatening, or Olivia really felt bad about trashing the craft room like an out of control frat party. I have a feeling it’s a little bit of both.

But here’s how the room looks tonight:

A Craft Room Transformed

Yes, there’s still permanent stains on the white table, (what was I thinking getting a white table?) but realistically many of those were there before the green dye shaving cream experiment went horribly wrong. Olivia not only learned from this, but so did I. That kid knows how to clean, and I’m going to be putting her skills to use a heckuva lot more often.


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