Spelling Challengez

Thank goodness for spell checker. Not for me, but for Olivia. She’s a good reader, but spelling is definitely not her forte. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s in a Spanish immersion school, and the two languages throws off her spelling, but man oh man, that kid comes up with some humdingers when trying to spell pretty simple words.

I realized just how…. um creative she can get with her spelling while we were all watching the National Spelling Bee live on ESPN tonight.  As impressed as Olivia was with the freakishly good spellers who are just a few years older than she is, she was determined to show off her spelling skilz to her little sisters. She proudly bragged, “I know how you spell spelling bee.” Well, apparently she doesn’t. It took her three tries to get it right.

I guess this means I won’t be spending untold hours quizzing her on unpronounceable and little used words in hopes of getting her to the granddaddy of all spelling bees, The National Spelling Bee.I mean this year’s winner, 14-year old Sukanya Roy had to spell “cymotrichous” correctly to bring home that huge trophy. In case you’re wondering, it relates to wavy hair. Who in their right mind would ever use that word in a sentence?

On second thought, maybe Olivia shouldn’t rely solely on spell checker. This computer didn’t pick up cymotrichous as a correctly spelled word.



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