Music Only a Mother Can Love

Anyone who has ever attended a child’s music recital can relate to this. Once a year, twice in our case, we head to a local church to watch our 2nd grade daughter perform a violin duet.

Violin Recital

I like the music program because it’s really laid back, and the kids raise their hands when they’re ready to perform in front of a packed audience. That also means spending a really long time listening to other people’s children play the piano, guitar, violin, or sing. If I didn’t spend all the time forcing Olivia to practice, and all the money on lessons and violin rental, there’s no way you’d be able to drag me in to one of these recitals.

Yes the kids are really, really cute as they anxiously raise their hands so they can get their performance over with. The actual music however, well, there’s no sugar-coating this. It’s a little rough with a couple of exceptions. My daughter is not an exception. In her defense, she has only practiced a couple of times with her friend and the piano accompaniment. It really is a performance only a few people can appreciate, like a Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, or Grandparent. And since all of our immediate family lives out-of-town, they can watch it here:

Yep, 1:08 is about all you need. Even though it’s far from perfect, it still brings a smile to my face, and yes a few laughs as well. I can only hope Olivia will find this just as amusing once she realizes I blogged about it and put it up on YouTube.


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