Sayonara 2nd Grade!

It’s that time of year again. Time to say goodbye to another school year and hello to summer vacation. I’m happy I’ve got a kid who is bummed that school is out for the summer. I’ve got to admit though, I’m not sure how much learning is actually going on in the final week.

Like plenty of other schools, the last week has been filled with dressing up. Last Friday was crazy hair day, and I put my braiding skills to good use to help Olivia come up with this crazy hair creation.

There was also twin day, which actually turned into triplet day. The night before there were plenty of phone calls as the girls planned out what they would wear. That gave me a sneak peek of what I can expect in the coming years. I can only hope she texts more than she talks because I would really rather not hear any more of those conversations.

My favorite day was cultural day. Try as she might, my Jewbodian 2nd grader wasn’t quite able to combine her two cultures, Cambodian and Jewish into one look, so she settled on a Cambodian. Slacker mom that I am, I neglected to snap a photo, but trust me, she looked pretty darned cute wearing her Halloween harem pants, and one of my big scarfs wrapped around her for a top.

The last day, today, is decades of fashion, and after much consideration and raiding my closet, she settled on totally 80’s.

"Like, Oh My God!"

Yes, I’m not afraid to admit I still have a denim shirt in my closet. I still wear it too, although I usually keep the collar down. The gold belt however, is all her.

Overall, Olivia has had a fantastic year. She’s really coming along in her Spanish. Dare I say she’s fluent? Yes, I dare say it, even though I can’t really understand what she’s saying.  She’s a great reader and apparently gets her math skills from her dad, because she’s a whiz. I’ve already discussed her spelling skills, or lack thereof, but apparently she’s not alone in this. As I was bragging about Olivia’s creative spelling, other parents also bragged about the same thing. Whew.

And lest you think I’m ignoring my other two girls, they still have another week of preschool, so I’ll do a year in review for them next week.



One thought on “Sayonara 2nd Grade!

  1. Can I borrow Olivia on occasional weekend mornings? I can employ her as a supervisor/translator when I have the Home Depot crowd over. And don’t worry about spelling, it’s practically obsolete. Most of the PhD’s I work with have both horrible spelling and grammar.

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