Last Day of Preschool

Preschool is now over for the year for Carrie, and for Erin, she’s done for good. She now moves on to the big K. Unlike a lot of other preschools, there was no big graduation, just a video of looking back at the year, and a little potluck lunch.

Flowers for their Teachers

I thought I’d get a bit sentimental, but nope, no tears, not even a sniffle. I saw plenty of other teary eyed parents as they watched the ridiculously cute video of the class, but I didn’t get the least bit emotional, which is a little weird for me. I usually cry at the smallest things, like sappy movies, but when it came to my middle daughter’s last day of preschool, I wasn’t sad at all. Is that awful? Should I be sad? I can’t remember if I shed a tear on Olivia’s last day, which would probably make it even worse for me to cry then, but not now.

I’ll just attribute it to her having a fantastic year with incredible teachers who prepared her in every possible way for kindergarten in the fall. I may not be emotional about her last day of preschool, but I’m not heartless. I did take pictures of her with those awesome teachers.

Erin & Teacher Lauri
Erin & Teacher Ann

Yes, that’s my daughter wearing a baseball hat backwards. She’s a one of a kind kid, and I wouldn’t have her any other way. I love how that girl not only wears a baseball hat to school, but also changes it up by wearing it backward. Erin has a thing for hats. She has also been known to sport her cowboy Jessie hat, as well as a pink number on any given school day.

Maybe I didn’t get all ferklempt because I know we’ll still be dropping off and picking up Carrie for two more years. Next year, she’ll be in a different classroom, but with the same teachers. Until a few weeks ago, Carrie apparently was a different child in preschool than from home.  During our final conference, which was just a few weeks ago, her teachers told us she was quiet and barely talked. That’s not the kid we know at home. We have a hard time keeping her quiet, and will quite literally scream to be heard. Her teachers now tell me she’s found her voice , and she’s making up for lost time.

Teacher Lauren & Carrie
Carrie & Teacher Natalya

Yeah, that doesn’t look like a kid who’s having a hard time talking to her teachers. Now that Carrie has fully warmed up to her teachers, it will be interesting to see what that first conference is like next fall.

The big question however, won’t be answered for a couple more years. Will I cry when my youngest daughter moves on from preschool?

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