What Makes a Great Dad

He’s a chauffeur and a homework helper. He turns into Dr. Dad to help heal scratches, scrapes, and tummy aches. He can whip up mighty tasty homemade pizzas, chocolate chip cookies, and tri-tip. Yes, Van possesses all these talents, and yes they help make him a good dad, but they don’t make him a great dad. What makes him a great dad is something he probably learned from his own Dad. He knows how to listen, he knows how to teach, but most important, he knows how to love, and he loves his girls to pieces.

My girls wanted to show their Dad how much they love him with a one of a kind gift, and they put their crafting skills to use to do just that. Erin thinks Van should wear tank tops. The problem is, he doesn’t own any. Well, that problem has now been solved.

Father's Day Tank Top

It takes a special kind of father to wear this tank top, and a special husband to allow his wife to post a picture on her blog. If you think the front is something to look at, just check out the back.

Yes, Van now has a custom-made tank top to wear while doing P90X. Modeling this custom-made tank top is just one of countless examples of why Van is a great dad. His eyes lit up when he saw this gift. While this may very well be the only time he sports this shirt, his love for his girls made him love the gift.

As for my own Dad, he may not make great chocolate chip cookies or heal my tummy aches, but he’s taught me plenty. Thanks to him, I know how to play softball, win an argument, and come up with some sarcastic zingers.

Happy Father’s Day to two of the most important men in my life!

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