The Making of a Beauty Queen?

I’m about as far from a stage mom as you can get. I’ve never watched “Toddlers and Tiaras”, but I’m wondering if Olivia has after seeing her handiwork on Carrie. Check it out.

The Makeup Artist & Her Muse

I didn’t actually witness it, but I’m told Olivia spent about an hour transforming Carrie. I guess you can’t rush beauty, or at least you can’t rush using a heavy hand of blue face paint which looks more like a grandma blue eye shadow.

"Olivia, What Did You Do to My Face?"

Carrie may look a little traumatized in this photo, but I’m told she was just upset at Van taking the picture, and was actually quite pleased with her look. I tend to believe him after seeing her ham it up in another picture.

"Hey Check Me Out Guys!"

If you look closely at her ears, you can see Olivia also painted on some blue earrings. Nice touch.

I also know Carrie loved her new look by the greeting I got when I walked through the door after a long, wet, commute home from work. All three girls came running to me, and they all couldn’t wait to show me Carrie’s makeover. I’ve got to say, if anyone can pull off the sky blue eye shadow, Carrie can. It’s hard to believe, but it really did make her already saucer sized eyes look even bigger.

As cute as this is, I hope this isn’t the start of my girls wearing gaudy makeup on a regular basis.  If it is, I’m going have to pretend not to know them while we’re out in public.

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