Halfway Mark of P90X

45 days down, 45 to go in the great P90X experiment. I’m writing this while munching on a chocolate protein bar, which is not nearly as tasty as the Twix bar that I’m craving. But alas, a protein bar will have to do. I’ve got to be on my best P90X diet behavior after indulging in non-P90X friendly food over the long holiday weekend. Besides this lapse, I’ve been pretty good when it comes to the diet.

As far as the actual exercising goes, I’ve got two words. Getting stronger. When I first started, I didn’t think there would be any way I’d ever get close to doing a pull-up on my own. The first time I tried a pull-up using the heaviest resistance band, there was a lot of cursing, but no pulling. Try as I might, I couldn’t pull myself up to the bar.  Six weeks later, it’s like I’ve got someone else’s arms. I’m now only using a ten pound resistance band. Granted, I’m only doing  two pull-ups before I cry uncle, and use the stool for the remaining ones, but at least it’s progress.  In six more weeks, I’m determined to muscle my way through at least one pull-up without any resistance bands. In the interest of full disclosure, I guess I should also mention that Van is knocking out dozens of pull-ups all on his own. Bastard.

The ab ripper x workout is also getting a little, and I stress little, easier. There was a good chunk of time when I couldn’t do the oblique exercise at all. I’m still not good at it, but at least now I can do it. And today, for the first time, I did all 50 mason twists at the very end of the dvd. It was hard. It was painful, but I did it dammit, and I’m pretty proud of what I thought would never happen.

The real proof though is on the scale, or in the case of me and Van, our wii fit balance board. The first week, when I only lost an effing .4 pound, I was highly skeptical I’d lose any real significant weight. Well, I’m now down eight pounds people, eight pounds!  I know it should be enough just to feel better, but I wanted to see the hard work pay off on the scale, and I’m finally (finally!) getting that validation. It is also nice to put on jeans I thought I’d never ever squeeze my butt into again. They not only fit, they’re actually a little bit loose.  When Van and I finished exercising this morning, Olivia asked me if I thought I’d be able to wear “skinny jeans” when I finish P90X. I’m quite confident that’s never going to happen, but I will reward myself with a new pair of jeans when I do complete this fitness experiment.

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