Berry Picking Bonanza!

Living in the Bay Area, I don’t see myself as a country girl, not in the least, but one of the many great things about living where I do is that all it takes is a ten minute drive to end up at a farm.

Webb Ranch and Family Farm

Today, thanks to the brilliant suggestion of a great friend, that meant taking the family to the Webb Ranch and Family Farm in Portola Valley. For a few weeks every year, the farm turns into a berry bonanza, and that means acres upon of acres of blackberries, boysenberries, and raspberries, ready for picking, for a small fee.

We first started out in the raspberry field, and while the raspberries were not the biggest or the juiciest, they were worth the hunt.

Carefully Inspecting the Perfect Raspberry

The kids made their way into the raspberry fields, and immediately started their search for the best raspberries. We by far spent the most time in this field. It took work finding ripe, red, raspberries, but we did it, and the girls enjoyed every second of it.

Look at My Raspberries!
Think This is the Perfect Raspberry?

After plucking dozens if not hundreds of raspberries from countless bushes, we made our way to the blackberry and boysenberries fields. This proved to be much easier work. Apparently, there was a bumper crop of blackberries and boysenberries so we did not have any problem finding berries worthy of ending up in our baskets.

Bumper Crop of Blackberries

The biggest problem was the berry juices staining anything it touched, including our little people.

Look Ma, Berry Stains!
Yeah, I've Got Boysenberry Stained Hands

They didn’t seem to mind, and this is the time you say, “That’s what wash machines are for!”

This is also the time you say, “Anyone want some blackberry pie?”

Since we had an overabundance of berries, I decided to put my pie making skills to use, and attempt a lattice blackberry pie. After plenty of cursing, here’s how it looked before I popped it into the oven.

It’s not perfect, but it’ll do.

And here’s how it looked after it baked for an hour. It may not look perfect, but I have to say it tasted pretty darned good.

Baked Blackberry Pie

Thankfully, we have family in town, so they graciously helped us consume the pie. As good as it was all on its own, it tasted even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

We still have plenty of berries just waiting to be eaten in our fridge. And the beauty of these beautiful berries is they taste just as good in a pie as they do eating by the handful.


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