20th High School Reunion

I was very conflicted about going to my 20th High School Reunion. Facebook now makes it pretty darn easy to keep in touch with old classmates. It even allows you to stay connected to people you don’t really want to talk to in person, or in many cases, barely even remember. So why was I spending hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket and spending a total of 40 hours in Minnesota? Well, I was curious to see what really happens to people twenty years after high school. Plus, I really wanted to catch up with a few people in person, because when you get right down to it, Facebook can only tell you so much about someone.

Before the actual reunion, one of my friends hosted a pre-party at her parent’s home. It was fun, albeit a little weird to be sipping wine and munching on cheese and crackers like real adults at a home I had last visited well, twenty years earlier. The wine however, was great, as was the company.

From left to right: Matt Bower (Heather Norton-Bower's husband) Dan Dolina, Ann Dolina, Jessica Kral, Me, Anna Nelson, Caroline Bruce, Cathy Fitch

The photo is not the greatest, but we all found it pretty amusing to be taking it in Anna’s parent’s living room, where two decades earlier, her parents snapped homecoming and prom photos.

Then it was onto the actual reunion. As we waited to check in and get our name tags, it was very surreal recognizing faces, but yet not quite able to place the name. It was at this point I was happy to have had a few glasses of wine already in my system. Many people said I looked the same. I’m not quite sure if I should take that as a compliment, but you can be the judge.

After getting through the check-in, my nerves calmed down, and I had a good time. Yes, I don’t know why, but I was nervous. I got to see a lot of people I recognized without having to look at their name tag first. It was also great to get beyond the superficial, “are you married, do you have kids, where do you live” questions and really catch up.

Part of going to the reunion is to see how everyone looks, and to see just how much they’ve aged. Come on, you know it’s true.   Yes, some of the guys had less hair, but they sure looked better than the awful mullets, or hockey hair as we called it in Minnesota, many were sporting in their senior pictures. As for the women, yep, some had gained weight, (me included) but I’d say most everyone has aged quite well.

The reunion organizers made sure to bring us back to the ’90’s with pictures and videos from back in the day.

While my 20th high school reunion did make me feel pretty old, I’m glad I went. Reconnecting with old friends is much better in person than with a status update.



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