To Erin: Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Dear Erin,

I know you can’t read yet, but I’m writing this to you anyway, less than one day before you start kindergarten. Yeah ok, this letter is probably more for me than for you, but who knows, maybe one day when you can read, which I’m sure will be in about a week, you’ll appreciate it.

I know you’re a bit nervous about kindergarten. It’s ok. So am I. Here’s the thing though, Erin. There’s nothing wrong with being nervous. I’m sure after the first day, the butterflies you’re feeling in your tummy are going to fly away, and you’re going to do great, and have a fantastic year.

First off, I know you have one awesome teacher. You know this too, since Maestra Eva was also Olivia’s kindergarten teacher. She’ll make sure you not only master the basics of reading, and arithmetic, but help you do it all in Spanish by the end of the year.

Second, you’re one special kid. Oh, I know all kids are special, but you really go above and beyond what most five-year old girls do. While plenty of other five-year old girls are content to play with dolls and princesses, you my dear are all about legos and marathon games of Monopoly with Olivia. And forget pink and lace and dresses. Oh no, you’d much rather wear monkey t-shirts and soccer shorts or jeans.

Her favorite outfit: Monkey shirt & soccer shorts

And you know what, I’m ok with that.

Scratch that, I’m more than ok with that. You are one of the most unique, funny, smart, and compassionate 5-year-old girls I know. I wouldn’t have you any other way.  All of these things are what makes you, you.

I also know you’re going to make plenty of brand new friends. Last week, you told me you forgot how to make friends. Well, it’s just like riding a bike, which you’ve now mastered. Once you’ve learned how, you never forget. Good thing you made plenty of friends in pre-school.

Kindergarten is just the beginning of many, many, many years of school. (Yep, you are going to college.) Your dad and I are pretty confident you are going to love kindergarten. We already know you love learning, and you soak up every bit of information into that big brain of yours. Kindergarten is just the first of many new places you’ll go, and we can’t wait to see you spread your wings and soar, although we’ll probably do it with tears in our eyes.

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