Closet Cleaning 101

By nature, I’m not usually a very neat person. Up until I had kids, I was messy, really messy, but the cleaning gene must have kicked into overdrive once my first kid was cut out of my womb. Dare I say, I’m starting to follow in the footsteps of my neat freak mother, who couldn’t go more than a day or two without vacuuming?

Well, not quite. Before kids, I’d let dirty laundry pile up for weeks on end, and wouldn’t think twice about dirty dishes sitting in the sink. Now, I stay on top of the laundry, but have no problem letting it sit clean and folded in laundry baskets. I also hardly ever leave dirty dishes in the sink, instead I leave clean dishes in the dishwasher or piled in the drying rack.

I guess I have a threshold when it comes to messes, and I hit that point this week when it comes to the kids’ closets. I know the two older girls have plenty of uniforms to wear to school, but just about every morning last week I heard, “Mom! I can’t find anything to wear!” Yes, that complaint starts as early as kindergarten. I would then be forced to rummage through their closets and locate said uniforms.

I wish I would have taken before photos of the closets, but alas, I only have the closet glamour shots.

Olivia's Clean Closet (for now)
Erin's Color Coordinated Closet

We’ll see how long this lasts, but if it stays looking like this for at least a week, I’ll consider it a success.

Since I was on a closet organizing kick, I also decided to tackle Carrie’s dresser drawers. It was not an easy task, considering she not only had all of her own clothes, but also her two sisters’ hand-me-downs. Those drawers were so stuffed, I could barely open and close them.

Well….. here they are now:

Don’t they look beautiful? Once again, I’m sure these drawers will not stay this way for long, which is why I took the photos. This mom would at least like to go back and look at her hard work every now and then. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to show it off for her clean freak mom, who is a devoted follower of this blog, and who has been known to clean out her grandchildren’s drawers all on her own.

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