I’m Officially a Soccer Mom

I don’t particularly like the term, “soccer mom,” but now that two out of three of my girls are getting their kicks on the soccer field, that’s what I am. As much as I may not like the label, I love that my kids are playing sports.

Plus, how can you not love a five-year old in a hot pink soccer uniform? While Erin may not have had a say in the color choice of her uniform, the stars and stripes soccer ball was all her doing.

Striking a Soccer Pose

Opening day was last Saturday, and for the next seven Saturdays if you want to find me, I’ll be sitting in my stadium chair cheering on the Pink Stars and Teal Seals.

Go Team!

I grew up playing softball, not soccer, so I’m not much of a soccer expert, but it’s ridiculously entertaining to watch a bunch of five-year olds running across a field trying to kick a goal. Erin is a polite player, not an aggressive one, so she’d rather let other players fight over the ball. We’ll see if that changes by the end of the year.

Since Olivia still has to sport a cast for a few more weeks, she can’t play, but she’s a team player so she supported them from the sidelines, wearing her oversized jersey and shorts.

As much as the kids like playing the game, I’m pretty sure they like the snacks as much, if not more than the actual game. We brought snacks for Olivia’s team, and you wouldn’t believe how much discussion there was about what to bring. Clearly they take after their parents when it comes to food.

I also hope they’ll take after their parents when it comes to a love of sports. I’m far from athletic, and even if the girls get my athletic genes, I hope they’ll develop a lifelong passion for exercise and sports. And as long as they’re playing, I’ll be cheering.

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