School Pictures

There is something about school picture day that causes an odd mix of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety…… well at least for girls. I know I felt this way every year, and so far, my girls are reacting the same way I did.

Yesterday was picture day for Olivia & Erin, which I didn’t even realize until Monday night. Apparently there was plenty of talk about it in Olivia’s 3rd grade class. Olivia wanted me to braid her wet hair, so her hair would be wavy when she woke up the next morning. I explained to her that since she already has curly hair we didn’t need to do that. For good measure, I added that God made every kid different, and she should feel good that she doesn’t look like all her friends. She then gave me a weird look and said, “God didn’t make me look like this, you and Daddy did. I got his skin color and your curly hair.” Hmm. Smart kid. She understands the basics of genetics. We’re also not a very religious household, so she was probably surprised I even brought God into the conversation.

Even though I didn’t braid Olivia’s hair, I did break out the blow dryer for all the girls after their nighttime shower and baths. This is a pretty special treat for them. The next morning, Olivia decided to accessorize her look with a hot pink flower barette. Erin just wanted her hair combed and brushed. I love when Erin sports a ponytail, but despite my pleas, she shot that down. Since the kids wear uniforms, we didn’t have any clothing drama.

Looking back on some of my school photos, I wish I had a uniform.

In honor of this blog, I fired up the scanner to post some of the better ones.

1st Grade (I think)

Ok, ignore that the scan is crooked, but you can tell I was born in the 70’s. Remember the patterned turtlenecks? Mine happened to have red hearts, which works so well with the velour v-neck.

Kindergarten (I think)

You gotta love the ’70’s kid style with the matching high collared shirt and jumper. I’m pretty sure the photographer told me to bow my head, so like an obedient child, I did just that. Forget awkward family photos, how about awkward school photos?

I got the bling

This one is my personal favorite. Take a close look at the necklace. I’m stylin’ with some C3PO bling! I clearly remember being so proud of this necklace. I’m sure my mom was a bit horrified, but I give her props for letting me wear it around my neck.

I wonder what Olivia will think 30 years from now when she looks back at her early school photos.

Olivia's Kinder Picture

I hope she thinks she’s one cute kid because that’s exactly what I think.

Olivia's 1st Grade Picture

One thing is certain. She will not think she looks like her mom. I also don’t think she’ll have any color commentary about her wardrobe selection. Once again, thank goodness for school uniforms.

As much as styles may change, I’m willing to bet the school photo backgrounds will always stay the same. Notice how the background in my photos and Olivia’s photos look remarkably similar.

Now the excitement and anticipation begins to see how this year’s photos turned out. Good thing the photographer had good subjects.


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