A Toddler’s New Threads

This blog post will serve as a reminder to my younger daughter that I don’t always dress her in hand-me-downs. Most of the time yes, but not always.

Hello Kitty Haute Couture

This Hello Kitty outfit is not only brand spanking new, my girly girl 3 1/2-year-old picked it out all on her own. This was not a completely unselfish act on my part to take my youngest child on a special shopping excursion. Nope, I needed some of my own retail therapy, so I schlepped Carrie along with me to Nordstrom Rack. I promised her new clothes if she quietly played with her Barbie in the dressing room while I tried on about a dozen pair of pants. It worked like a charm. Unlike the last time I brought my kids with me while I shopped for clothes, this time there were no embarrassing comments.  We both got what we wanted. I got pants and she got a rare new clothing purchase from Mom.

As much as I sometimes feel Carrie gets the shaft, I know that’s more the perception than the reality. While this may be one of the very few new outfits I bought for her, she has some very generous grandparents who make sure this budding fashionista gets plenty of clothes that don’t come from bins in my garage.

Carrie is by far the girliest of my three daughters. While her sisters are content to build things out of Legos or play school, she is obsessed with dolls, Barbies specifically.  It’s like pulling teeth which aren’t the tiniest bit loose to get Olivia and Erin to wear a dress without complaining, but Carrie loves everything about them, especially twirling around in front of the mirror asking anyone within earshot, “Don’t I look cute?” She of course knows the answer to that question as she flashes that one-dimpled smile.

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