Halloween Arrives Early at Our House

I know we’ve still got a few weeks before Halloween, but if Costco is going to put out its Christmas merchandise the first week of October, I’m jumping into the Halloween spirit right now with both feet. I’m not the only one. Much of my neighborhood is decked out in orange and black.

Incessant requests from the girls to go costume shopping also was a big motivator. So last Friday we picked out the costumes, and on Sunday the entire family turned Casa de Meak into a pseudo haunted home.

My Ragtag Bunch

The house may be scary, but the girls are 100% cute. Olivia has wanted to be Cleopatra for a couple of years so I wasn’t surprised with her costume choice, but take a close look at Erin. My sword wielding, soccer kicking, Lego playing daughter picked a pink princess costume. I was shocked! I mean it’s adorable and all, but up until we got to the store, all she wanted to be for Halloween was a cowgirl. Well when we got to the store, the only cowgirl costume was Jesse from Toy Story, which is what she was last year.

She likes to Keep Me Guessing

My guess is either:

A: She knew the store-bought costume would not hold a candle to the one my oh so talented and crafty Mom made last year.

B: She didn’t want to  be the same character two years in a row.

C: She’s like her Mom and can’t pass up a sale, even if it’s a pink princess dress.

D: All of the above.

For Carrie, I highly encouraged the harlequin costume, and for once my strong-willed child didn’t put up a fight and happily agreed to the black and white diamond motif.

She wasn’t quite as agreeable when it came to posing for pictures.

Olivia was much happier than her youngest sister to pose while all glammed up with the Cleopatra bling.

As for our house, yes we may go a little Griswold,

but since we go for simple white lights during the holidays, we go big on Halloween.  Apparently not big enough for Van because he made another run to the Halloween store to buy more fake spider webs after we took these pictures. If there’s any question we’re a suburban family with kids, the orange lights, skulls, spiders, and ghosts littering our front yard should clear up any lingering doubts.

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