The Great Toy Purge Part One

My kids have a crazy amount of toys, so much that I’m sure we have hundreds of plastic pieces of crap masked as toys with the “made in China” phrase stamped on them. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I decided to begin a major purge. The first place I started was Carrie’s bedroom.

Believe it or not, this is after the purge. Clearly, the kids are not deprived and still have plenty of sharp little plastic toys which I’ll inevitably step on, causing more pain than someone driving a screwdriver into the bottom of my foot. Carrie also a nice library collection, with lots of books that we can read over, and over, and over again.

I undertook this project with Carrie’s help, and I have to give her credit. She was pretty good about saying goodbye to a good many toys and books.

See? In all, I filled three shopping bags with toys and books, plus plenty of toys that wouldn’t fit in bags, and two garbage bags with toys and junk that deserved to go in the dumpster.

For my friends and family who may recognize some of the toys that didn’t make the cut, don’t fear. These toys saw plenty of play time with my little people, but now it’s time for them to clutter-up another playroom.

I packed my car with all the toys and books that were in good condition and headed to Goodwill. I was feeling pretty good about cleaning out the room and donating the toys all in the same day. Unfortunately, I was denied! When I got Goodwill, I noticed a huge sign that said the charity no longer accepts toys and stuffed animals due to health and safety concerns. Dang! I went from having a full heart for doing some good to being downright pissed for having to drive back home with my car stuffed with castaway toys. Sigh. I had no idea I had to do homework before doing a good deed. I took to Facebook to ask my friends what organizations would take some slightly (or in some cases more than slightly) used toys that still had plenty of life in them. Thank goodness my friends have done their homework, and I’m now armed with plenty of places that will happily take my molded plastic toys in bright primary and pastel colors. I’m now just hoping to get the toys out of my garage before the holidays.




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