When Boring is Better

By all accounts, this weekend was boring, and I couldn’t have been happier. Beyond a couple of kids soccer games, we didn’t have any plans. I was as lazy as lazy could be. I didn’t exercise. Hell, I didn’t even shower, but I’m a firm believer you have to have a few weekends where you lie low. Yes, I know lying low is not part of my DNA, but it felt really good.  I can’t speak for the people who were within smelling distance of me, but the lack of hygiene for two days didn’t gross me out.

It gave me more of a chance to watch and enjoy, and of course videotape a future soccer star.

Look at that footwork! It doesn’t get much cuter than that. Only five and six year olds can pull off hot pink polyester soccer shirts and soccer socks.

In a perfect world, a perfect mother would have recorded Olivia’s last game too, but this imperfect mom was simply happy to have remembered the lawn chair. Last week, I had to squeeze my adult sized butt into a kid sized chair shaped like a rabbit since I forgot the adult sized one that had plenty of room for my backside.

The laziness continued with me planting myself on the couch while Van whipped up breakfast for dinner. Yep, a boring Saturday night complete with pancakes and a family movie night featuring Cars 2.  And it was awesome! I had fun. The kids had fun. I’m even pretty sure Van had fun too.

I’m writing this down to remind myself how good it can be when I don’t overschedule, and I just hang out at home. Not only does it make me happy, it makes the kids and husband pretty darned happy too.

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