The Apples Don’t Fall Far From the Tree…….

My kids have inherited many things from me. Curly hair, a stubborn streak, and a sweet tooth. Well, in our case, it’s an entire mouth full of sweet teeth. Their addiction comes in handy when trying to get them to eat their vegetables. No eating vegetables equals no dessert in our house.

So needless to say when it came time to frost some cupcakes this weekend, I had no shortage of young pastry chefs ready to help. While Carrie was napping, Olivia and Erin did their fair share of frosting and licking.

Frosting Fanatic

I have no idea where she would get the idea to lick the knife.

I teach her well

I not only “helped” the kids lick the bowl, but I also bit my tongue when it came to the actual frosting. In my perfect world, the kids would watch while I frosted, but as anyone who has kids knows, that doesn’t exist. So instead, I smiled when I really wanted to cringe as my kids’ half-hazardly smeared cream cheese on top of the cupcakes. I also resisted the urge to grab the cupcakes out of their sticky hands.

They may not be perfect, and they may not look like the picture from Sunset Magazine, but they are made with love and plenty of enthusiasm. And oh yeah, they’re pretty darned tasty too.

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