65 Degrees and Outdoor Ice Skating

You can take the girl out of the frozen tundra, but this Minnesota girl still loves the idea of lacing up some skates and going ice skating with her girls. What I don’t love however, is freezing my feet to enjoy this winter sport. They got frostbitten when I was a kid while skiing in below zero weather. To this day, they’re like two humongous ice cubes that never thaw out and melt.  Just ask Van. It has become a nightly ritual for me to use his legs as my personal heater.

So when I saw our town of Redwood City had put up an outdoor ice rink using synthetic ice I decided it would be a great outing for the kids. It may not be the neighborhood pond that my brothers, neighbors and I used as a kid, but it would have to do. Truth be told, the “ice” sucked. It was really some sort of wet plastic composite which was not very easy to maneuver on skates. Out of all of us, I think Carrie had the easiest time. she basically just ran across the rink. As much as I didn’t like the fake ice, the girls had a good time, and big props go out to Auntie for holding onto all of our gear, as the girls continued to strip off their winter weather clothing, which was clearly unnecessary in 65 degree weather.

For all you cold weather people, no judging please. Just enjoy the ridiculously cute kids who are having a ball.

Redwood City Girls on Ice

This was before they realized they didn’t need the vests, hats, scarves, and gloves.

Look, I'm skating!
Getting her balance... sans winter gear
Sister Act

While this rink nowhere near compares to my old neighborhood pond, my California girls were quite content, well until the very end when Carrie had a meltdown on the “ice” that doesn’t melt.

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