Let Us Entertain You!

I have very little musical or rhythmic talent. My two younger girls however, are showing at a very early age their um….. unusual singing and dancing ability. I’ve lost count at how many dance parties and musical shows the girls have put on for us, and my standards have either been lowered or the girls are actually more than just cute, and are actually showing some talent.

Like any good Mom, I videotaped a couple of recent performances so I’ll let you be the judge. The first is a solo performance by Carrie. Here’s hoping she does not follow in the footsteps of Ms. Cyrus.

From the side ponytail to her favorite ripped jeans, she may just be a little rocker in the making.

Erin, on the other hand is all about break dancing. Instead of dancing to Miley Cyrus, she prefers LL Cool J. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to believe Erin and Carrie are sisters, but they seem to compliment each other pretty well.

Please ignore the awful camera work. No editing  means you may have to turn your head to the side as I’m trying to capture the young entertainers.  Whichever angle you watch them, you can see they have a unique sense of style using my hat and scarf as one of a kind accessories.

Even if my standards are lower, you can’t deny they are true originals, and cute ones at that.




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