What Time Is It?

As the countdown to the end of 2011 begins in earnest and people look ahead to 2012, my two oldest girls are literally watching the last minutes of the year go by.

This is why:

Tic Tock

They are sporting brand spanking new watches. And no, they’re not the digital ones. These are big kid ones which force the girls to put their time telling skills to good use.

For Hanukkah, Van got them watches, although the ones in the picture aren’t the ones he picked out. Like most girls, they have specific tastes that don’t necessarily match their Dad’s, so today we ventured out to the mall to exchange the original ones. That was approximately three hours ago. Since that time, (pun intended) the girls have gleefully been shouting out the current time every few minutes. I’m sure it will get annoying in about a day, but right now I can’t help but giggle when I hear one of the girls inform us of the time.

I’ve heard the predictions about the death of wristwatches, I don’t believe it will happen in my time (can’t stop with the time cliches).  Maybe I’m old school, but I still wear a watch almost every day even though I could just as easily use my iPhone. Time will tell if the watch novelty eventually wears off for the girls, but for now they’re sleeping with them.

Their foray into this new time-telling era also means something else: no more fudging the time to get them to bed earlier. As their 8 p.m. bedtime neared tonight, Erin counted it down to the minute. Like I said earlier, tonight it was cute. Tomorrow, I’ll be giving them time-outs (last one) for their time-telling quips.




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