Father/Daughters Dance

It’s not often I can get my two older girls to get dressed up. Last night was an exception for the annual father/daughter dance at their elementary school. Since Erin is in kindergarten, this was a first for her.


Erin wears a dress maybe two or three times a year, and went we went shopping for the dance, we let the girls pick their outfits.


We were shocked when Erin picked a fancy flower number, complete with white tights and a sweater, but as you can see she look quite proud of her pick. Olivia loved her outfit too, which came from the god awful ‘tween store, Justice. As much as I dislike the store, (I think I’m getting hives right now just thinking about it) the long skirt with the tie-dyed tank top and crochet sweater suits her bohemian style.

As has been tradition in the past, there was dinner before the dance at a restaurant. This year, however, the girls and their dad joined a group of other dads and their daughters at a Japanese steakhouse. It must have been quite the site, and I wish I could have been there.

Instead, I had bigger plans with a certain almost four-year old.


Carrie and I had a girls’ night out at her favorite restaurant, The Old Spaghetti Factory. I hate it, but she loves it, and I have a pretty hard time saying no to this face. Of course, she had to wear plenty of accessories for her outing. My personal favorite is the tweety bird purse.

But back to the big dance. As we figured, Olivia pretty much hung out with her friends, and Erin hung onto her dad. We remember Olivia doing the same thing when she was that age. It’s amazing to see the transformation from just a few years ago.


Looking at this photo, maybe they both were a little nervous.

Two years from now, it will be a whole other story, with Dad bringing all three of his daughters to the big dance.

I can wait. They’re already growing up way too fast.

3 thoughts on “Father/Daughters Dance

  1. So delighted to read the story! I’m sure Van was beaming all night long with 2 such cuties!!!!!! (And you with Carrie!!!)

    We are looking forward to a short visit with Reuben next week. And he may have picked the perfect week. Today was my favorite day of skiing of the entire (weird) winter. We were in powder up to our knees. Hopefully we will have some champagne powder for him!

    Can’t believe how grown up the girls are getting – and cuter every year!!!!!!

  2. Are your gribenes as good as my mom’s? You are right, some people still think your dad is a hell on wheels. I was very impressed with the London stuff. Far more engaging with more depth than anything on our local news. Why didn’t you give yourself a cameo in the bit about underground London with all the people tents? You could have pitched your own tent and popped your face out.

    Well, I see I missed two out of four birthdays since Reuben last month. I’ll have to get your girls programmed into my new mac.

    Can you give me a heads up ahead of time when you know when you’ll be in town. If I ask your dad what’s new, he’ll say, oh yea, Liza and family were in town last week. Uncle Dave

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