Happy 9th Birthday Olivia!


Hey Birthday Girl,

Another year. Another year of changes. Turning nine years old may not seem like a big deal to you, but I have been amazed at just how much you’ve grown in the last twelve months, and I’m not just talking about growing in inches, although I won’t be at all surprised if we are the same height this time next year. (Who knew I could have a daughter who is tall, lean, and lanky)

As a third grader, your English and Spanish reading skills are quite impressive. I know you get frustrated with English grammar, but stick with it kiddo, and soon you’ll have no problem figuring out the difference between there, their, and they’re. For Spanish, you’re on your own since neither me nor your Dad can really speak it, although I love listening to your spot-on accent. Your spelling is also getting better. I won’t say it’s good, but you’re making progress.

You study your times tables every night, and the hard work is paying off. You just passed level two, and we celebrated with It’s It Ice Cream Sandwiches. At this rate, these dangerously tasty treats just may become a staple in our freezer.

You’re also showing a knack for cooking and have moved well beyond your Easy Bake Oven. You love whipping up new concoctions. Your culinary creations, from the tandoori chicken to the English scones, have all been a success. I love how you go beyond the mac ‘n’ cheese and chicken strips, and are willing to try exotic dishes. Even better, you actually eat the food you create. Yes, you do make me REALLY nervous with your knife skills, but I can’t blame your enthusiasm for cooking for your trips to the ER. That I blame on your uncanny ability to slip, trip, and fall on ice and bricks.

I know your little sisters can annoy you and get under your skin, but they really do look up to you and for good reason. You are a great kid. I know I probably don’t tell you that enough, but you are one of the sweetest, most compassionate, and thoughtful nearly nine-year-old girl’s I know.

Keep it up Miss O. I don’t know what the next year has in store for you, but I’m quite certain you’ll continue to make me laugh, make me yell, and most importantly make me proud to be your Mom.

I love you!

Happy Birthday!

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