Happy 4th Birthday Carrie!

Dear Carrie,

It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! But you already know that since you’ve been counting it down for the last several days. Now that you’re four, you’re getting really good at counting. You can even count up to thirteen in Spanish. After that, you get a bit stuck.  Catorce can be a bit tough. I’m quite confident you’ll be counting how many presents you open up in the morning too. Good thing it’s much less than cartorce.

You have grown and changed in so many ways in the last year, and I’m not just talking about your height, although it does seem like you’re getting a bit taller every morning when you run into our bedroom to jump into bed with us.  Most days it’s way better than any other wake-up call.

Carrie, you’re mostly sugar and spice and everything nice, but there are some days, well, let’s just say you’re not so nice. You’ve got one heckuva stubborn streak, and you’re quick to launch into full meltdown mode if you don’t get your way. Lucky for all of us, you’re just as quick to come to your young senses and return to your cute and happy self.  It’s funny though, for as much whine and attitude you give us, your babysitters say you’re a near angel and rarely if ever act up or out. Feel free to show us that side of your winning personality more often to us.

You’re also quick to entertain friends and family by breaking out in song and dance.

Yeah, your Dad and I still aren’t quite sure where you got your rhythm and moves. You sure didn’t get it from either of us.

You’re finding your balance on the balance bike,

and on an actual balance beam at gymnastics.

Carrie, you also bring balance to our family and I’m counting on you to keep me on my toes for many years to come.

Happy Birthday Care Bear!

I love you!


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