A Fishy Tale

Two out of three of my kids have been BEGGING for a dog for months. Given that their sister is highly allergic to furry pets, all their begging wasn’t going to get them very far.

I had no desire to go the rodent route and get a gerbil, hamster, or guinea pig, so the next best thing was to say yes to fish.

I thought it would be pretty easy. Run to the pet store, pick out three goldfish, a glass bowl, some gravel, fish food, and we’d be good to go. Silly me. Nothing is ever that easy. First off, the pet store customer service was awful. We waited, and waited, and waited. Once we finally got some help, the girls had a hard time picking out the fish. We ultimately decided betta fish would be better than the goldfish, and after much debate the girls finally picked out their new pets. To limit the amount of fighting, we allowed the girls to each get their own fish. Little did we know how much fighting would ensue over picking out the gravel, the fake seaweed, and aquarium decoration. An hour later, we left the store with an aquarium, three betta fish, fish food, various aquarium plants, and most important to the kids, an aquarium castle.

We set up the aquarium and then had to wait 24 hours until we could put the new fish into the tank.

That happened today, and I’m now proud to introduce our new pets.

First, meet Angel.

Despite the name, she’s a fighter.

Then there’s Mrs. Awesome.

She likes to swim on her own and stay away from the fighting fish.

And finally, there’s Shoo Shoo.

She apparently doesn’t play well with others, and has been hanging dangerously close to the filter.

Shockingly, as far as we can tell, the fish seem to have similar personalities as their owners. Can you tell which fish belongs to which child?

Like new parents, we’ve anxiously been staring at the tank for much of this first night. Are they swimming? Are they eating? Are they playing well with others? I have a serious fear of getting up in the morning and seeing a floater, or even worse, one fish taking out the others. The fish are all female, and we were told that they aren’t usually aggressive towards each other. I’m not so sure. That angel may look sweet, but I think she’s got a little devil streak in her.

And we thought getting fish would be easy.

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