All in a Day’s Work

Although it wasn’t technically take your daughter to work day, it was for one of my kids. I admit, bringing a 4-year old to a television newsroom for the day is risky. It’s toddler roulette. Armed with snacks, a stuffed turtle, and most importantly an iPad, it was a bet I was willing to take. It was a bet I had to take. Our usual fill-in babysitter had another job so the iPad would have to suffice as a poor back-up. I’ve brought her to work before, usually for no more than a couple of hours, and she’s behaved pretty well. Today she stayed all day long.

Yes, the iPad entertained her, but I found the real key to keeping a kid happy while you’re at work is to feed them. Lots. And often. One of  our first stops after I logged in to my computer at my cubicle was the cafeteria, lovingly referred to as the Digital Diner. It’s customary to buy her a chocolate filled croissant, but oh horror of all horrors, they didn’t have any this morning. She was on the verge of a meltdown. I had to think fast. My eyes settled on a chocolate chip rice krispy bar. I don’t know if she ever had one before so after much cajoling, she accepted it as a sub-standard substitute. Phew. Crisis averted. The rice krispy bar along with the iPad and some very nice co-workers kept her busy until lunchtime. Then it was back to the Digital Diner. (DD)  The cooks were nice enough to make her a custom grilled cheese sandwich. I added a bag of pretzels from the vending machine and she was good to go.

Working Lunch

After lunch she settled into watching a fairy movie, and I continued to work, hoping her full stomach would keep her demon side at bay. It apparently worked.

Anchor in Training

She even posed for a picture that virtually every parent who works in television news eventually takes.

She charmed my co-workers with her one-dimpled smile and most importantly she let me get my work done. As we left the building holding hands, I told her how proud of her I was. She said with a grin, “This is how I am with Indy. (nanny)”

As good as she was, I don’t plan on bringing her back anytime soon. I may have won this bet, but I know I can’t push my luck again with toddler roulette.

3 thoughts on “All in a Day’s Work

  1. That is awesome that you were able to take your daughter to work with you. I just came across your blog…I am a working mom as well and I look forward to reading more about you!

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