Dad and Daughters at the Ballgame

My husband is a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan and living in the Bay Area means he only gets a couple of chances a year to see his beloved Red Birds play in person. Today was one of those days. It also gave him the chance to pull the two older girls out of school for a well deserved day of hooky at the ball park.

He may love the Cardinals, but he loves his daughters more. How do I know?

Take a close look at what he bought the girls at AT&T Park.

Take Us Out to the Ball Park!

Yes, they are indeed decked out in Giants gear. To his defense, we did look for Cardinals jerseys, but didn’t find any so instead of bleeding red, they’re bleeding orange and black. When I asked him who the girls cheered for, he said they didn’t cheer, they just ate.

And ate……

For all their eating and lack of cheering, I’m told they did watch the game.

It’s hard not to enjoy the game when this is your view.

I would have loved to been there with them, but I was otherwise occupied with the youngest Meak kid. It looked like a great day to be at the ballpark, and one I’m pretty sure will become a lifelong memory for my Cardinals loving husband.



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