Family Matters

Spending a week with family can be exhausting. Scratch that. It is exhausting, but since we live about 2000 miles away from most of our immediate family, we are spending a week with them in Minnesota.

Yes, there are moments when my family can drive me crazy, but then there are moments like this:

Identical Cousins?

and this:

A gaggle of cousins

and this:


that make it more than worth the time, expense, and inevitable frustrations that go along with visiting family for an entire week.

I have no idea what they’re discussing, but I’m pretty sure the elder is learning as much from the 4-year old, as the little one is learning from her great-great Aunt Lillian. This one image alone is worth the trip.

My kids usually only see their cousins once a year at best, but when they do get together, it’s obvious they enjoy hanging out.

In addition to seeing my family, the husband’s family also drove up from Missouri to see the kids.

Although they’re not necessarily fans of swimming, little makes them happier than seeing their grandkids frolicking in the pool.

They’re also not Minnesota Twins fans, or MLB Baseball fans in general, but they traipsed up to the very top row of Target Field to take in a baseball game with their family.

Pint-sized patriots at the Ball Game

All these images and countless others that I missed snapping are what makes a family.

We may have a crazy family, but I’ll take the craziness any day.


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