“Now This is Minnesota!”

I’m appreciating the Land of 10,000 Lakes more now than when I was an actual resident. Granted, I’m writing this on the heels of one fantastic summer vacation to Minnesota, when there was only one really hot and humid day and only one mosquito bit me. I’m also able to appreciate it through the eyes of my three kids, who revel in all things Minnesota, especially their family.

Spending just about every day either in the pool or on a lake also helped them find little to complain about during this trip.

Welcome to Lake Minnetonka

Yep, it doesn’t get much better than hanging out on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, unless you’re able to spend it tubing on the Lake, which we were lucky enough to do for a couple of hours.

Ready to Tube!
Catching a (small) wave

This was Erin’s first time tubing and all things considered she had a great time, although she did fall off one time on my watch. By the panicked look on her face, she was nearing a meltdown but the captain of the boat told her to keep calm while quickly circling back to her. Now had I told her to calm down, I know she would have lost it, but apparently she has no problem following directions from a near stranger. While taking a tumble off the tube did give her quite the scare, kudos to her for getting back on it.

She may be hanging on for dear life, but she’s still back on.

Olivia also took a couple of spills, and as Carrie pointed out to us numerous times, she was the only kid who never fell off the tube.


That may have something to do with the fact that the husband and I had the death grip around her.

Not to be outdone by his granddaughters, my dad bravely climbed aboard the tube, with a young assistant helping him.

Poppa Mickey Showing the Kids How it’s Done

The tubing excursion is what led Carrie to exclaim, “Now this is Minnesota!”

I’d have to agree, but for others in my family, most notably my Dad, he’s just as content to be fishing on the lake. So that’s what he did with his five oldest grandkids.

Poppa Mickey Telling Erin Another Fish Tale

With help from my two brothers, my Dad took the kids out on a two-hour tour of the best fishing spots on Lake Waconia.

Look Ma, I caught a fish!
I may have caught the fish, but I don’t want to touch it

He apparently found them all because all five grandkids each reeled in a couple of fish. Beginner’s luck maybe, but a successful first fishing experience means it likely won’t be their last.

My girls may be California born, but they’ll always have a little bit of Minnesota in them.






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